The anthology’s new clothes…

In my inbox today I received a photo of the new cover for Can’t Get Enough which now has a pretty, summer-y beachy look and which should helpĀ make the change of the blog theme make more sense. Of course, the two coversĀ are vastly different, however I think that this one has its own unique representation of the theme. Imagine laying with your lover on the beach in the middle of the day, can’t wait ’til everyone’s left, can’t even wait ’til the sun goes down… See where I’m going with this? No? Then see for yourself:


Also, if you’ll refer back to the first post here, you’ll see that I’m linking back to the author’s blogs and/or websites as I receive them. A blog roll will come soon, as will an “About the Author” post. Thanks for checking in, and be sure to look for new posts!