Our inaugural post includes the introduction and table of contents from the anthology for which this blog is named and created, Can’t Get Enough, edited by Tenille Brown. The title is forthcoming in July 2014, and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard about the smoking hot cover, but yes, here is the cover:
And here is what’s just inside the cover:

Table of Contents
4 Introduction: Too Much Is Never Enough – Tenille Brown
6 Big Appetites – Miel Rose
12 Craving the Best Man – JoAnne Kenrick
19 Under His Watch – Rachel Kramer Bussel
28 Strip To My Lou – Allison Wonderland
37 Rocket Fuel – Jacqueline Applebee
46 His Subject – Madison Einhart
52 Mud and Pain – Tilly Hunter
60 Those Damned Cobbles – Tamsin Flowers
66 Embraceable You – Blair Erotica
74 Free Ride – Heidi Champa
81 When He Gets Home – Lucy Felthouse
86 Before They Burn – Beatrix Ellroy
95 Won’t Last The Week – Preston Avery
102 Melanie’s Choice – Medea Mor
108 The End of Sensible – Louise Blaydon
117 Sleepless Need – Monica Corwin
123 The Girl On Your Skin – Giselle Renarde
131 Spinning – Kyoko Church
136 Sweet Revenge – Anika Ray
144 The Fight – Hilary Keyes
149 The Beautiful Truth – Sophia Valenti
154 Waiting – Erzabet Bishop
164 Lovely Rita – Harper Bliss
174 Blue Balls – Kissa Starling
182 Blake Eats Out- Shoshanna Evers
188 Famous Last Words – Tenille Brown
196 Objects of Desire – Annabeth Leong
206 About the Authors
211 About the Editor

Too Much Is Never Enough

I’m not greedy. I’ve always been satisfied with my fair share, never asking for more than is necessary…except when it comes to good sex.

You see, I believe that the best sex is the sex that makes me want it again and again and when I began seeking out stories for this book, I wanted them to evoke that same reaction from readers. I wanted erotica that would leave me not only satisfied, but wanting more. I wanted hot, steamy mouth watering sex. I wanted stories that took the theme and turned it on its head, and boy, did I ever get what I was looking for.

As my word count began bursting at the seams, I found myself anxious and wishing for the space to include more, but soon realized that what had landed in my lap was precisely what it was supposed to be – a book jam packed with stories that left me winded, wanting and hungry for more once I turned the last page, and that was what I wanted to present to my readers.

I was aware that the title of this collection could be misinterpreted, could hint to a theme of endless orgies and empty encounters, but that was what I wanted to avoid. I made sure the stories presented were not only hot and racy, but also sex positive.
I didn’t even want to think about the phrase “slut shaming.” No, this book is filled with people who want it, love it and aren’t ashamed to show it.

Take for instance Jack in Louise Blaydon’s The End of Sensible who is turned on by the site of his lover Tom in women’s lingerie:

At the top of the stairs, Tom disappeared into the bathroom without a word, and Jack went quiescently into his bedroom to wait. Probably it was stupid, this — waiting for Tom to come out of the bathroom in his (god) girls’ clothes, just so that Jack could (oh god) take them off him again, but that was the point, wasn’t it? Maybe Tom shouldn’t be the prettiest girl Jack had ever seen, but there it was.

Or Miel Rose’s female lead in Big Appetites, who experiences a moment of passion like no other when the fleeting thought of making a baby with her lover enters the picture:

She’s looking straight ahead, drumming on the steering wheel, nonchalant. “It really gets me when you’re all laid out for me, naked, your legs spread wide, and you pull me down on top of you and I slip my cock right up into your pussy. I can look right into your eyes as I rock my dick in and out of you, just the way you like it. That look in your eyes is so sweet, so fuckin’ precious. It’s like we’re making love, like we’re making babies, or some shit.”

There is no shortage of lustful women here, but the men have a hot and heavy presence, too, as in Tilly Hunter’s rough and dirty tale of Mud and Pain and Kissa Starling’s devilishly ironic story about Blue Balls.

There are insatiable couples in long term relationships as in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Under His Watch, Blair Erotica’s Embraceable You and the playful couple in Allison Wonderland’s Strip to My Lou, and there are fly by night moments of passion such as Beatrix Ellroy’s Before They Burn and Monica Corwin’s Sleepless Need.

I could go on, but I’d run the risk of saying too much, when simply turning the pages of this lust filled collection will be enough, at least, for now.